Visages et paysages

Salle Prelco
Permanent exhibition

Dévoilement de l'exposition, le 14 novembre 2019

Visages et paysages examines the history, the people and the culture of the Lower St. Lawrence through the MBSL database of historical photographs, while highlighting the natural and cultural specificity of the region and showing the evolution of its landscape and the people shaping it. This exhibition also seeks to strengthen the ties between the regional population and the MBSL.

In the first half of the 20th century, before photography became widely accessible and way before the selfie trend, the Lower St. Lawrence included a significant number of undeniably talented professional or amateur photographers. They have succeeded admirably in capturing the faces and the scenery of the region, and each one of them, through their own eyes, managed to document fragments of stories from the Lower St. Lawrence.

For the coming years, Visages et paysages will be displayed in the Prelco Room of the museum, which housed the Intersection exhibition until earlier this year. Guided through a journey retracing the work of regional photographers, the visitor will discover amazing photographs, each one revealing a little piece of its story rooted in its time, some surprisingly staged, and some unveiling mysteries and raising interesting questions about the photograph’s context.

The exhibition’s interactive experience immerses visitors, young and old, in the heart of over a century of history. Aligning with the historical and cultural mission of the MBSL, this exhibition will be a major regional tourist attraction for years to come.

We hope you enjoy discovering Visages et paysages!


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